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Unity Asset

QuestionnaireToolkit is an all-in-one tool to create questionnaires, surveys, and simple UI forms for VR, Desktop, and Mobile applications inside Unity.

It eases the implementation of sophisticated questionnaires and accelerates the overall development process of an application as developers can focus on other important app-specific features instead.

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Geometric UI

Unity Asset

A simple Unity Toolkit to ease development of Virtual Reality User Interfaces.

It enables rapid prototyping by automatically positioning and displaying the desired UI elements in a sphere or in any other geometric form, e.g. cube, triangle, trapezoid, etc.

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Taking word searching to the next level.

Virtually places the user inside a scalable word sphere in which words can be found in a custom, adaptive, creative, and challenging way.

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NPC Door Behaviour

Unity Asset

Framework that controls the door behavior of non-player characters (NPC) in any application.

Aims at imitating a natural interaction behaviour of characters with doors, passageways, and other NPCs.

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Welcome to Zefwih

We Are Developers

specialized in creating applications, toolkits, and concepts for Human Computer Interaction research.

As experienced Unity developers, our focus lies on creating applications with and for Unity. This includes the creation of assets, tools, and applications for desktop, mobile, and VR platforms.

We always try to take a creative path and think outside the box to achieve a goal. It is our interest that applications are not only functional but also intelligently designed, usable and well thought out.

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